An oak plaque inscribed

For graves, an oak plaque inscribed with the name and dates,

can be placed on the grave flush with the ground.

An oak memorial pillar for ashes

For ashes scattering, we are considering mounting an oak memorial pillar

which would be placed in the ashes area.  Plaques can then be mounted

with the name and dates of your loved one, whose

ashes have been scattered at this exclusive spot.

Benches, bird, and bat boxes

Only a very limited amount of these can be purchased as we do not want the meadow to become park-like.  Plaques can then be mounted on these items with the name and dates of your loved one.

Planting on graves

No seed or bulbs should be planted without authorisation.

Memorial Community Page

We are creating a “Memorial Community Page” on our website.

Here, information can be written about the life of those who have their final

resting place in our meadow, with a favourite picture.

  Approximately 300 words for each person.

"Every plot has its own story"

Memorials are strictly controlled and are to be obtained only from

Richard and Sarah, the proprietors.