Single plot - £650

Two plots side by side -£1250

Silver Birch Glade in the corner of the hay meadow, includes the

planting of a 10-12 ft young Silver Birch Tree Single plot - £850

Grave preparation & administration - £450

Family plots available on request. 

 Every funeral is offered the use of the bier at no extra charge

 and families are encouraged to help to push the bier across the meadow.

You can pre-purchase a plot, choosing your final resting place.

Zero maintenance and no other charges for the future, unless you wish to purchase a memorial.


Ashes can be buried  (biodegradable caskets only)

 Burial of ashes - £295

Burial of ashes with coffin, per set.  - £60

Right of Burial

When purchasing a ‘Right of Burial’ on your chosen plot, you have secured it whether you occupy it immediately or in 10, 20 or 60 years time. The grave preparation and administration fees may rise over time and are payable when a burial takes place. However, should your plot remain unoccupied within 30 years from date of purchase, your right of burial will expire unless you contact us and re-sign – at no extra cost, to confirm that you still wish to be buried with us. Of course, if you move home you will also need to notify us so we can do our best to try and contact you. 

A right of burial is not transferable.

Plots can only be purchased directly from Hay Meadow Burial Ground.


 We appreciate that sometimes situations change. If you move far away or emigrate we will refund the original purchase price minus an administration charge, currently £100.

 updated 12/06/18