When someone dies

Things to do in the first few days following a person’s passing. 

In the case of a sudden, unexplained, or suspicious death call 999. If the individual dies at his/her home without any known medical care, and they have possibly not seen a doctor within the last 14 days then you need to call 999.

Also, if it happens that the death was sudden, an accident or the person who has died has not been seen by a doctor within the last 14 days, then the Coroner must be informed. A Coroner will then decide whether it is necessary to hold a Post-Mortem or an Inquest and will issue an Order for Burial (White Certificate).

You don’t need to deal with the assets of the deceased straight away, but make sure to think of those that may have been dependant on the deceased. For example, pets.

The first step is to obtain a Medical Certificate from a Doctor which will confirm the cause of death. You will need this to register the death, in addition to at least one form of ID; such as a Birth Certificate, Driving Licence, Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Certificates, NHS Medical Card, or Passport and proof of address e.g. a Utility Bill. 

The death must be registered at the Registrar Office within 5 days. The Registrar will supply copies of the Death Certificate and provide a Certificate for Burial (Green Certificate).

You can register the death at any Register Office, but if you use the one in the area where the person has died, you will be given the documents you will need on the day.

If you use a different Register Office, the documents will be sent to the Office in the area where the person died before they are issued to you. This means you will usually have to wait a few days for the documents. 

When a funeral booking is confirmed the Registrar’s Green Certificate or the Coroner’s Order for Burial (White Certificate) must be given to the Funeral Director, then to the Burial Ground Manager.

Once the funeral has taken place the Burial Ground Manager will notify the Registrar that the burial has taken place and keep records of all burials.