Funerals ~ Planning Ahead

As we get older many of us wish to get our affairs in order.

Writing a will and a set of advance decision documents (used to be called living wills) is a good start. Some people take this one step further and want to plan their funeral and pay for it in advance. Most do this to secure the send off they want, and to make sure they do not leave a burden or worry for their family. 

Our fees compare very favourably with other provisions. A single burial costs £550 (2017 prices) with an interment fee of £450 (to cover the costs involved with digging and relevant paperwork). We do not penalise anyone from outside our area with different fees, as other cemeteries do. We have one price for everyone.

Many people find it comforting to know where they will be laid to rest. 

When planning ahead, a good place to start is with the cemetery fees. Purchasing a plot in advance gets a big chunk of the eventual funeral costs out of the way and secures it at today’s price. If you wish to purchase the right to be buried in the hay meadow, please contact us and come and select your plot.

More and more people are attracted by the idea of a final resting place that is neither a conventional cemetery nor a graveyard but which has, like the hay meadow, a special character of its own.

Furthermore, it also sends a clear message to your family that this is where you want to be.