About Natural Burial

“Natural Burial” is a gentle and environmentally friendly path for those who are having to make funeral arrangements.

For those of us who are concerned that our final resting place should have as little impact on the environment as possible, will find a “natural burial” is a positive and reassuring choice.

Essentially, a natural burial is the laying to rest of an un-embalmed body in a biodegradable coffin or shroud in a grave located  in a natural environment.  The grave can be marked simply with an unobtrusive flat oak marker  bearing  the person`s name; it simply becomes part of the hay meadow.  It becomes a living, breathing legacy; a protected natural site to be enjoyed not only by family and visitors, but by local wildlife.

Wild flowers and bulbs suitable to the area and local soils, can be planted over the graves but these must be obtained from the management.

Native trees can be planted on the graves in our designated area which are to be supplied by the management only.