May we hold a Church or Chapel Service at a different venue and then come for a burial?

Yes, you may choose to have a church or chapel service in a familiar locality or choose one of our local churches or chapels which are very close to the meadow for a religious ceremony. Then continue with the service at the graveside or choose to have the whole service at the grave side. Further information is on our links page.

Can we hold a non-religious service at Hay Meadow Burial Ground or a venue beforehand or after the burial?

Yes, you can have the service of your choice. There are many Celebrants who will create a beautiful service to celebrate the life of your loved one before the funeral or after at a different venue. May be in a hotel, pub, village hall, even the family home or where ever you wish. Or completely hold the ceremony in the meadow. You or the family may feel confident to conduct the service yourselves.

Can you bury your pets ashes?

Yes, we are registered to bury pet ashes that can be buried with their owners. 

 These are in a specific area as there are regulations to abide to.

 We know very little about what a Celebrant can do. Can you recommend a Celebrant?

Yes, we have a list on our links page of Celebrants we would recommend who have already conducted very special ceremonies.  

How do you prepare the graves?

We wish we could dig the graves by hand, tried it and unfortunately the ground is not easy to dig by hand, so we do use a small digger.  We ourselves (Richard and Sarah) then fill the graves by hand as it is important to us to show total respect to the deceased. This makes a much tidier job and of course it keeps us both fit!!

Is the burial ground consecrated?

The burial ground is not consecrated; we welcome any faith, religion or belief making it suitable for everyone. You are welcome to have a grave blessed by a minister of your choice if you wish. 

We live a distance away and not from your area, are we still allowed to be buried in your meadow?

If you would like your final resting place to be in our meadow, you are very welcome, no matter where you come from! You may consider having the main service near your home, which may be easier for most to attend because of a possible distance. Then just your immediate family and close friends attend your burial which your family may well find more private and easier to cope with. These could even be on different days.

Can we put an ornament on the grave?

No item of any kind should be placed on a grave, and any items found will be removed. This is to keep the fields looking as natural as possible.  Also, such things would become possibly hazardous obstructions when we crop the hay in late summer. 

What kind of coffin can be used?

Any kind of eco-friendly coffin or shroud can be used.  Some local coffin producers can be found on our links page. 

We simple feel we can not attend the burial, do we have to?

Not if you don’t want to.  If you brief us in good time beforehand, we can arrange for your wishes to be carried out in your absence.

What do you usually wear?

 Anything! Traditional black or there may be a colour that your loved one liked? Perhaps a theme? Casual or formal, whatever suits.  As it is a field we do advise you please wear suitable footwear, wellies or boots when wet.

Can we bring the family dog?

Yes, as dog-owners ourselves we know they’re often much-loved members of the family. However, we do ask that they be kept on a lead at all times as we’re a working sheep farm with several other kinds of stock too.

Can we take photos?

Yes, and we encourage you to consider doing this especially when the field is full of colour.

Do we have to use a funeral director?

The answer is no, but your loved one will need to be cared for between the time of death and the funeral.

Can you recommend a funeral director?

Yes, there is a list on our information page of local funeral Directors that we recommend.

Do you have time limits on the length of the funeral?

No, we aim to only do one funeral per day, we do not want you to feel rushed.

What type of music can we have at the funeral ?

Anything!  You can play cd’s or may wish to have a musical instrument played.

Can we choose the position of the grave?

Yes, graves can be chosen from any part of the meadow but less so in the woodland.

Is it possible to reserve the graves beside?

Yes, if unoccupied, they can be purchased at today’s price.

Do we own the grave?

No, just the exclusive right of burial which lasts for 100 years once occupied.

Can we purchase plots years before we may need them?

Yes, plots can be purchased in advance and at the current price. You can purchase them as single, double or in a family group.

Can I transfer my right of burial to someone else?

Burial rights aren’t transferable, but you may sell your plot back to us at the price you paid for it, less an admin charge of £100.

Are there any ongoing charges or expenses?

None whatsoever. All maintenance etc is included in the one-off price.

 Is there plenty of parking?

Hay Meadow Burials has its own large parking area and further parking areas are available close by if needed. The gated entrance to the site will easily accommodate a hearse. There is a space exclusively for hearse parking.  If you let us know beforehand, we’ll do our best to reserve spaces for anyone who is disabled.

Can we come back to visit?

You`re welcome to visit anytime during daylight hours.

Can we bring flowers when we visit?

Yes, but not artificial flowers, and all wrappings etc must be removed. Please see our terms and conditions.

Who owns Hay Meadow Burial Ground?

Hay Meadow Burials is part of Busnant Farm which is completely and solely owned by Richard & Sarah.

Will you as the owners be buried here?

Yes, it has always been our intention to be buried in our meadow so we can remain at the home we have loved.

Where can I find more information?

The Natural Death Centre Charity

Association of Natural Burial Grounds

If you are looking for help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you, the Natural Death Centre Charity is there for you.

The above are examples of questions that we think you may ask us.

Please feel free to ask if you are not sure about something. 

You may have a special wish or may feel unclear about something.

We are here to help.

Tel 01982 570701


Updated 01/01/20