About us

Richard, Sarah, Tom, Amy and baby Sam, moved to Busnant Farm in 2007 which was a huge challenge to restore. We started up our own flock of sheep, pigs and soon had a selection of poultry. We are pretty near self-sufficient now eating mainly our own meat, poultry and eggs.  We have a huge veg patch and a freshly re-planted orchard, which is run organically.  The whole farm uses very limited chemicals and we avoid fertilizers, hence we have lots of wildlife, especially hedgehogs.

Not long after we moved to Busnant Farm, Richard's mum sadly died.  Her wish many years before was to have a Green burial.  It was a very sad time for this to happen, but she had her wish. We found attending her funeral was such a uplifting experience that it sowed the seed in our minds to create our own natural burial field.  Carol is buried in a beautiful spot which is an absolute pleasure to visit.

In 2014, after restoring our home we started to take this idea seriously, discussing our ideas with all our neighbours and many friends.  We have had overwhelming support and so much enthusiasm.  We would sincerely like to thank our community, neighbours and many great friends who have motivated us and are helping us to create this tranquil place to rest.  We have always thought, we are so lucky to live in an area with so many lovely people.

Thank you to everyone.